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Current Projects

A selection of research topics is listed below. Please contact us for further information or suggestions.

  • High-temperature behaviour of concretes
  • Novel binders for concretes: alkali-activated binders (AAB), geopolymers, calcined clay, modification of secondary raw materials as cement substitutes, cement additives and concrete admixtures
  • Corrosion of fibers in concrete
  • Self-sealing of seperation cracks in agriculturally used reinforced concrete structures
  • Damage mechanisms in biogas plant constructions
  • Chemical resistance of concretes
  • Use of 3D-μXCT to characterize materials and structural elements

Completed projects

A selection of completed research projects:

  • 'Formwork-behavior under stress caused by high performance concrete with fluid consistency - influence of shock on fresh and young self-compacting concrete (SCC) as well as on the concrete pressure concering rotationally symmetric formworks (cylindrical tanks)', funded inter alia by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR)
  • 'Biogenic acid attacks on concretes in biogas plant constructions, damage mechanisms as well as potential for development', funded inter alia by the Nagelschneider Foundation
  • 'Evaluation of distribution and orientation of metallic fibers in cementitious construction materials by means of 3D-μXCT', funded by the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)

  • 'Development of a fiber composite material that has been optimized against chemical attacks for sustainable and resource-saving constructions in biogas plant buildings', funded inter alia by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU)